It's simple to get started building new experiences using the Foundation building blocks.

Foundation's tech is open, decentralized, and permissionless.

You could make an Instagram-like experience with NFTs. Or you could make more of a financial app for those trading NFTs. Really pretty much anything - people are actively reimagining the internet collabortively as you read this.

No need to ask anyone's permission or pay us to get an API key or anything—the data is all free and publicly available. You can build an app on the Foundation contracts and subgraph today, your app will live on no matter what. NFTs live on a blockchain, always available via Ethereum. Subgraph data is managed by The Graph's community and does not depend on Foundation in any way. It works because other people are supporting it.

Don't like a feature of the Foundation app? You can create your own.

Let's start by walking through Foundation's subgraphs.

You can use the data from the Foundation subgraphs via GraphQL to build a UI that displays Foundation NFTs, tracks the onchain activity in the Foundation market contract, etc.