Community proposals


We support the tokenCreator method to help ensure more secondary marketplaces honor creator fees, and we would like to encourage other NFT projects to do the same.

tokenCreator would be needed both for secondary markets but also for terminal and other platforms trying to reliably get the of creator

We're thinking of proposing a new EIP with this change. Let us know your thoughts in the Discord!

function tokenCreator(uint256 tokenId) public view returns (address payable);


The Foundation contracts follow the OpenSea spec, which means in their next version that honors fees onchain, it guarantees those fees go to creators.

HasSecondarySaleFees is:

function getFeeRecipients(uint256 id) public view virtual returns (address payable[] memory);
function getFeeBps(uint256 id) public view virtual returns (uint256[] memory);

and the interface is registered with ERC165.

We have some ideas though for an EIP that would make for a more efficient solution, and we're thinking of trying to make this an NFT community standard. What do you think? Feel free to join the conversation in the Discord.